3160. Dynamic On-Board Weight and Balance System for Aircraft


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Robert Von Bose: 3160. Dynamic On-Board Weight and Balance System for Aircraft. 2001.



There is an increasing awareness among aircraft operators that an on-board weight and balance system is not only a safety measure but also a tool to enhance profits in two important ways. First, with a reliable measurement of actual weight the operator can confidently approach the maximum gross take-off weight of the aircraft and also accumulate records for loading and operational efficiency studies. This means bigger payloads with peace of mind. Second, by using the system at selected intervals during loading, the payload yet to be loaded may be located to trim the aircraft for optimum fuel efficiency. The system must be an integral part of the aircraft and derive accurate aircraft weight and location of the center of gravity, while resting on any reasonable level surface, within a very short time. The potential users of such systems want answers to several questions. How reliable is the system? How accurate is the information? What is the weight penalty for installation? Does it increase or decrease our gate time? Is it user-friendly? And, what does it cost?
To the design engineer this means a fast, reliable, easy-to-use system in which every source of error has been minimized to the extent possible within state-of-the-art and economic limits. ‘Economic Limits’ means designing so the manufacturer can produce and sell it at a price the user considers ‘cost effective.’


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