3211. Gulfstream Supersonic Business Jet


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Tom Greiner: 3211. Gulfstream Supersonic Business Jet. 2002.



While developing an aircraft for economical supersonic flight is a challenge to itself designing one that can also fly unrestricted supersonically over land is daunting. Gulfstream Aerospace is assessing the feasibility of a Quiet Supersonic Jet (QSJ) enabling worldwide-unrestricted supersonic flight. A QSJ would shrink the world and provide a new tool for international business and government officials. This type of vehicle would create a new aviation market and provide a stepping-stone to larger, more capable high-speed vehicles.
The focus of the current study effort is to develop a feasible design that can enter the market in the next ten years using materials and technologies that are currently available or under development. The unique criteria of boom mitigation creates new challenges to the aircraft?s development with weight being a driver for both the aircraft?s performance and sonic boom signature. Gulfstream is evaluating various configurations to meet the sonic boom and other operating requirements. This paper discusses the relationship of the low boom supersonic mission to the weight and balance of the envisioned aircraft configurations.


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