3300. The Value of Mass Properties Engineering


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Roger L. Belt: 3300. The Value of Mass Properties Engineering. 2003.



This paper provides an overview of Mass Properties Engineering, and the value that its processes and practitioners bring to a program. Also addressed are the changes that have occurred to the program environment; and how those changes have affected the Mass Properties discipline and its ability to function properly. The value of Mass Properties Engineering is the value that it brings to a program. A properly executed Mass Properties process lowers the weight of the end product, as well as increases the product performance and lowers the program cost, while reducing the overall risk to the schedule and program in general. The purpose of this paper is to provide the membership of the International Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc. (SAWE) with a foundational basis that can be used in developing presentations to address the value of Mass Properties Engineering, and what the discipline encompasses, for their particular program, product, division, and company. Individuals will need to provide the details for their own particular circumstances. It is the hope of the author that presentations developed for the purpose of promoting Mass Properties Engineering will be forwarded to him (via rogerbelt@sawe.org) to be collected into a repository on the subject to be shared with the entire membership.


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