3334. Weight as a Technical Perfformance Measure in the Marine Environment


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Andreas Schuster, Bates: 3334. Weight as a Technical Perfformance Measure in the Marine Environment. 2004.



The concept of balancing the three legs of the project management triangle (cost, schedule and technical) is common to all Project Managers. However, integrating Technical Performance Measures (TPM) with program cost and schedule control in a meaningful and timely manner is easier said than done. This paper gives insight into how the TPM process is used to allocate weight goal requirements to design teams on a marine project, some of the mechanisms that were used, and how the teams responded to the challenge. The paper focuses on the Plan, Measure, Evaluate and Report steps of the TPM process. Direct comparisons between the TPM process and traditional weight reporting method are made where appropriate. The difference between the two processes is explored by a discussion of the leadership skills, technical skills, and programmatic skills required to implement this new process. A series of experiences and lessons learned are described that we found to be unexpected for this project. The technology and experiences are appropriate to anyone who must allocate multiple conflicting requirements to teams to meet a specific set of technical objectives.


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