3340. Design of an Engine Inertia Measuring Device


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McGarry, Guenther, Andreatta, Heydinger: 3340. Design of an Engine Inertia Measuring Device. 2004.



It is sometimes necessary to know the complete inertia matrix (three moments of inertia and three products of inertia) of an engine in order to tune the vibrational dynamics of the engine or the system to which it is added. Typically, one axis about which the moment of inertia is measured is the crankshaft axis, while the other two axes may be any other two mutually perpendicular axes. The device reported on here was designed to measure the components of the inertia matrix, as well as measure the center-of-gravity (CG) location. The CG location must be determined in order to measure the moments of inertia.
The device described here was designed for engines in the 200-700 lb range (100-300 kg). Other objects may also be measured, but there is a minimum size and weight below which accurate results cannot be obtained.


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