3357. A Manned Mission to Mars: Mass Properties Implications


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Ian O. MacConochie: 3357. A Manned Mission to Mars: Mass Properties Implications. 2005.



A cursory assessment of the mass properties associated with a manned mission to Mars suggests that a flotilla of boosters with their payloads should be considered for the mission. Using the flotilla concept, during transit to Mars, it is envisioned that multiple spacecraft would be launched simultaneously from an Earth orbiting platform. The spacecraft would fly in formation and astronauts would visit other spacecraft when needed for supplies during the 7 to 9 month trip. Many other supporting systems for a Martian camp, such as power and communications modules, would have been delivered earlier on much smaller boosters than the manned flotilla types. Robots would work the Martian campsite, setting up the support modules in anticipation of the arrival of the astronauts. Two to four astronauts would be planned for the mission.


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