3364. Conceptual Level Mass Properties of an All-Mach Aerospace Plane


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Ian O. MacConochie: 3364. Conceptual Level Mass Properties of an All-Mach Aerospace Plane. 2005.



The mass properties are identified for a plane that is an ‘aerospace’ plane in the literal sense in that it can take off at sea level and fly on a ballistic trajectory above the atmosphere. The vehicle is tactical in nature, as opposed to logistical, having a crew of two and a payload limited to under-wing missiles. The configuration is dominated by the engine duct which makes up the main body airframe.
The propulsion system is made up of a traditional jet engine mounted in the forward end of the duct and a JP rocket engine mounted aft. Annulus space around the two engines serves as area cross-section for ramjet operation. Structure and thermal protection are modeled after the X-15 rocket plane that flew on a ballistic trajectory to Mach 6.7 and an altitude of 150,000 ft.


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