3369. Weigh on Wheels


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Patrick Brown: 3369. Weigh on Wheels. 2005.



This paper introduces a new paradigm to the aviation industry. The new paradigm is a method for weighing and calculating the center of gravity of an aircraft without leveling the aircraft. The solution requires the measurement and input of eight variables into a complex algorithm contained within a software program. The eight variables are: 1-3) the scale reactions at each of the wheel locations, 4-6) the measurement of each of the exposed oleo lengths, 7-8) the measurement of the angle of incidence of the pitch and roll axis to earth center.
With an accelerometer installed at a tooled location, Cessna Engineers determined aircraft level repeatedly and accurately within 0.01 of a degree of earth center. The ability to measure aircraft level further enabled Cessna Engineers to improve the calculation of aircraft C.G. by 14 Sigma!
Because of moving from weighing and leveling aircraft on jacks with load cells to Weigh on Wheels, Cessna can claim a 33% reduction in labor for the first aircraft weighing. Cessna can also claim a 40% reduction in labor for the first and second successive aircraft weighings. Finally, Cessna can claim up to a 68% reduction in labor for the first and second weighings and a reweigh.
Not only can Cessna claim increased labor efficiency as a direct result of the accuracy of Weigh on Wheels, but they can also claim a reduction in the total number of weighings performed. Statistically, Cessna weighs each aircraft 2.78 times. With Weigh on Wheels, Cessna can now claim that each aircraft is weighed an average of 2.16 times. Entitlement is 2.0 weighings per aircraft.
With the reduced number of weighings per aircraft and the reduction in time required to weigh an aircraft, Cessna was able to replace 12 sets of jack scales with 3 portable sets of platform scales!
Finally, Weigh on Wheels is a much safer method of weighing aircraft. It is safer for the aircraft. It is safer for the mechanics. While no documented cases of injury exist as a direct result of weighing an aircraft, wing panels cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.


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