3389. Managing Common Data Across Multiple Platforms


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Kathleen Tolman, Peter Kniesel: 3389. Managing Common Data Across Multiple Platforms. 2006.



The Size, Weight, Power and Cooling (SWaP-C) attributes of common equipment in the Future Combat System (FCS) Program must be standardized in content and availability throughout all the platform Integrated Product Teams (IPTs). Under a traditional program-management approach, SWaP-C data would be informally managed and tracked by each vehicle platform IPT individually. But in the case of FCS–a highly decentralized program where development is proceeding at multiple geographic sites– such an approach posed potential risks. The results of employing a traditional approach to SWaP management, especially over several years of performance, could have included confusion about reporting responsibility, inconsistent use of the latest available estimates, and an environment in which IPTs would not maximize opportunities to share data and avoid duplication of tasks. To avoid such problems, a multi step approach has been instituted for FCS. Control of the data was assigned to a single, non-vehicle affiliated IPT (System of Systems Engineering and Integration (SSEI)), using a standard dataflow process and a dedicated, central, database. This approach provided a single source for all program SWaP-C Data with program wide visibility and unanimous IPT buy-in. The solution proved to be stable and effective, reducing confusion and inconsistent reporting practices. The processes described in this paper are uniquely applicable to System of Systems integration problems where complex, multi-product programs share common elements that need to be tracked in a central, visible manner by a Lead System Integrator.


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