3403. Topology Optimization on the Example of an Advanced Trainer Aircraft


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Hansjürgen Anton, Herbert Hörnlein: 3403. Topology Optimization on the Example of an Advanced Trainer Aircraft. 2007.



During the concept and definition phase of an aircraft, it is essential to define a structural concept, which provides the required strength and stiffness constraints of the airframe, subjected to a minimum of weight. The most efficient way of load transfer is a straight and undisturbed load path. However, the design space of the airframe is restricted by the outboard profile, which is defined by aerodynamics and flight mechanics and is also determined by the inboard profile, which is driven by systems installations. Howeve,r there are situations where a major load path cannot be continued, as is ideal. This presentation shows an example of how topology optimization can give one an idea to find an alternative load path. The example is given by a main wing attachment frame, which has the task of carrying the wing bending moment from one wing to the other. However, the air intake duct disturbs the assumed load path. There were some doubts by experienced airframe designers whether this air vehicle concept would work in an acceptable way in terms of mass and strength. The results of the topology optimization unveiled an alternative load path, which is subsequently interpretable by airframe engineers. This presentation also shows how the process goes from a given design to data for manufacturing.


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