3438. Making the Transition from the Comfort Zone to the Unknown


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Todd Brown, Richard K. Raines, Gerald Tschabold: 3438. Making the Transition from the Comfort Zone to the Unknown. 2008.



Many Engineers, including Mass Properties or Weight Engineers, are faced with a decision at some point in their professional career of whether to continue in the discipline that they have been working in or to attempt to alter course and explore other dimensions. We are three Engineers who have recently taken that decision and headed into the unknown. One of us left the automotive mass properties field for aerospace. One left the marine mass properties field, also for aerospace. And one left the aerospace mass properties field for a position related to marine engineering. Ships, vehicles, aircraft are all different types of vehicles and the mass properties methodologies that are associated with them are different. But, in making the transition, we each have learned that what we brought to the table in terms of experience and attitudes can be effectively applied to our new discipline and vehicles. This paper will explore the ramifications of career transitions in mass properties based on our individual and common experiences and will attempt to provide some guidance for others when they are faced with similar decisions in their careers.


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