3443. Alternate & Overhead Space Utilization In Long-Range Commercial Aircraft


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Ralph D. Druckman: 3443. Alternate & Overhead Space Utilization In Long-Range Commercial Aircraft. 2008.



The Overhead Space Utilization (OSU) feature provides operators of Boeing airplanes with a range of options as rest space for flight and cabin crew with minimal impact to passenger cabin floor area (and seat count) while avoiding loss of revenue belly cargo capacity. As use of longer-range passenger airplanes on routes with flight durations requiring rest periods for flight crew and cabin attendants increases over time, the need for providing dedicated rest facilities and space for other main cabin passenger service functions has become much more important. The paper covers the evolution of pre-OSU and OSU concepts and provides insights into impacts of incorporating OSU. It is intended to provide a historical perspective, rather than functioning as a design guide.


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