3446. Weight Control Responsibility, Authority, & Accountability


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Kenneth LaSalle: 3446. Weight Control Responsibility, Authority, & Accountability. 2008.



The roles and responsibilities of the Weight Control Engineer are clearly defined within the Weight Engineering Organization at the Boeing Company. Unfortunately, personnel in other disciplines within the Boeing Company often misunderstand our role – for a variety of reasons. Couple that reality with the trend toward outsourcing design and build responsibilities – whereby partnering companies furnish personnel from various disciplines. Supplying Weight Control Engineers can sometimes present a dilemma if that function does not exist within that company or if the company simply uses the weight engineer as a data recorder. Typically, partnering companies request individuals to perform this role with limited or no understanding. The burden of responsibility now belongs to Boeing to provide the necessary training. Additionally, the new employee has minimal exposure to the weight engineering function. These conditions mandate a philosophy of continual training to address the needs of many incoming personnel to Weight Engineering. This paper focuses on highlighting weight control attributes, addressing responsibilities, command of subject / authoritative effectiveness, and resultant accountability. These principles are intended to establish the solid foundation. Coupled with other SAWE papers pertaining to Weight Control, they will both aid and expedite the individual toward becoming effective in performing weight control.


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