3456. Level or Not to Level: The Analysis of a Single Engine Weighing Process


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Johnathan Kaufman: 3456. Level or Not to Level: The Analysis of a Single Engine Weighing Process. 2008.



With Cessna growing at a rate unprecedented in the company’s history, and facilities bursting at the seams to accommodate the 18 different models of aircraft currently produced, every line is reviewed and evaluated to simplify and accelerate line flow. Cessna’s Independence facility decided to evaluate the weighing process for the current production single engine aircraft (172, 182, and 206).
How can a process developed 10, 20, or even 30 years ago compare to one developed using the latest technologies? This paper discusses the analytical process used to develop a new weighing process for Cessna’s single engine aircraft. This new process allows the aircraft to be weighed in unlevel conditions, translates the center-of-gravity to level conditions and decreases cycle time by more than one hour per weighing. These equations have been tested and show an improvement in repeatability, reproducibility and comparability between different units. This paper evaluates Cessna’s previous single engine weighing process on safety, accuracy, reproducibility, repeatability, cycle time and cost. Anyone who has ever observed a weighing process and thought, ‘there must be a better way,’ will enjoy this paper.


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