3502. Development of Inertia Model for 787 Flight Simulator


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F. Allan Balliett, M. Patrick Mitchell: 3502. Development of Inertia Model for 787 Flight Simulator. 2010.



The computation of airplane-level inertia data is discussed. Inertia envelopes are
developed that show maxima and minima and typical values as a function of airplane
weight. These envelopes along with gross weight versus CG envelopes are used in the
flight simulator. They provide boundaries for calculated mass properties data. An interior
arrangement is shown of the typical 787 used in the plots. Airlines may request
operational empty weight mass properties data reflecting their unique interior layouts for
their flight simulators. Some general comments about inertia data are made. It will be
shown that generating airplane-level inertia data is an important part of airplane design,
simulation and operation.


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