3508. Methods and Benefits of Detailed Wire Weight Accounting


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ANDREW FLUEGEL, NICK NASCHANSKY: 3508. Methods and Benefits of Detailed Wire Weight Accounting. 2010.



A method of projecting, tracking, measuring and reporting wire weights used, by the
Gulfstream Aerospace Mass Properties Department, for an aircraft development program
will be presented and discussed. Program wire weight accounting and control goals were
to accurately track and project the total weight of the electrical system by harness, while
measuring weight maturity against system allocated weights. The paper will present our
approach from the beginning of the project, where goals and reporting requirements were
defined, through to the end where measured harness weights were used to verify
A detailed wire weight accounting approach was used. This involved tracking all wire
harness weights by the system assigned to individual wires and connectors, then
comparing those weights to the system weight allocation. System allocations were used
to determine RP8 groupings for reporting. After iterative accounting automations that
facilitated processing and management of weight data the detailed method proved to be
both manageable and beneficial for both the program aircraft as it matures, and future


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