3527. Submarine Asymmetric Margin Selection


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David Tellet: 3527. Submarine Asymmetric Margin Selection. 2011.



This paper presents methods and results of a study to determine appropriate early-stage design margins for a submarine design. The submarine design is unique in that the center section design is more mature than the rest of the boat. Because of this a simulation was created to study the margin usage during early stage design, through design and construction, and up to delivery. The simulation provided data to support the selection of separate center section and whole boat margins based on certainty levels and optimistic, neutral, and pessimistic outlooks. The results of the study show that margin usage correlates highly with initial margin values, that variations of the initial center section margin affect the remaining margin less than the initial boat margin, and that the initial margin goals may have been set higher than necessary. The paper concludes with recommendations for initial margin amounts.


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