3543. Development of a Concept for a Weight Estimation and Calculation Tool


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Andreas Schmidt: 3543. Development of a Concept for a Weight Estimation and Calculation Tool. 2012.



This paper includes first steps of developing a concept for a weight estimation and calcula- tion tool.
This tool should allow estimation of detail masses and overall mass of an aircraft concept, as well as calculating the centre of gravity of the aircraft concept. Calculation of mass mo- ments of inertia should be enabled in the tool, too. This calculation is important for any flight control system (FCS).
The module for mass moment of inertia calculation was programmed during the author’s diploma dissertation.
The integration of data bases with empiric mass data of already developed and built aircraft plays an important role for mass estimation of new aircraft concepts. During aircraft devel- opment actual CAD-data should be imported to the tool for control of mass evolution during development process.
The tool should allow documentation of mass data from the beginning of the development process till series-production readiness and certification of the new developed aircraft.
The motivation for this tool began within the cooperation between Assystem and Dr. Jost Seifert. The idea of Dr. Seifert was to develop a new Rotorcraft based on a new concept for a propulsion system. This new concept called hybrid-rotor required new access to mass estimation, because there are no mass data available for already developed aircraft using such a propulsion system.
Similar tools for conventional flight concept already exist in companies, but they can’t han- dle such a concept as the so called Hybro. The developed concept in this paper combines skills of existing tools to a new tool.


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