3545. Weight Management for Aircraft Passenger Seats


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Heinz Hübner: 3545. Weight Management for Aircraft Passenger Seats. 2012.



In this paper, the company RECARO Aircraft Seating and the different seat types are presented in order to show the scope of work of the weight department starting from lightweight economy class seats without any IFE up to full-flat electrical business class seats.
The paper delivers insight into the work of an weight engineer in the aircraft seat development and production. It shows the different tasks during the project phases from the project start to the final seat and also the daily work to support the project engineers and sales management.
The tools and methods of weight estimation, calculation and tracking are described and also the collaboration with the production line, the sales department and the suppliers in order to get weighed weights to improve the maturity of the weight data.
The connection to other departments like stress calculation, crash simulation and testing is also shown. The paper gives an outlook on future challenges to keep the seat weight low with simultaneously improving the comfort and implementing extensive entertainment systems.


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