3596. Estimation of Electrical Cable Length and Centers of Gravity


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Robert Chitwood: 3596. Estimation of Electrical Cable Length and Centers of Gravity. 2013.



This paper presents methods for performing electrical cable length and center of gravity determination early in marine vehicle design. Early in the design process, little is known about electrical cable lengths and the routing location of the cable. Cable length is a function of how and where it is routed. Routing of the cable depends on many factors: equipment location, cable hanger location and hanger loading, cable separation requirements, maximum allowable cable length, etc. This information is not usually known until later in the ship’s design process. Because the total amount of cable weight can be significant, and the effect on ships list and trim need to be tracked and monitored (possibly resulting in changes to the design), the mass properties engineer needs to be able to create a weight and moment estimate for cable in the early stages of design. There is rarely sufficient information available at this point to support such an estimate. While tailored towards marine vehicles, the methods described here can be applied to other vehicles if the assumptions are modified.


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