3618. Building SAWE Capability as an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer


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Jeffrey Cerro, Edward W. Davis, E Peterson, William T. Griffiths, Andrew P. Brooks, Bonnie Stratton, José Attar: 3618. Building SAWE Capability as an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer. 2014.



This paper presents a 2014 status of the Society of Allied Weight Engineers’ process towards becoming an Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) under certification by the United States American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Included is material from the committee’s 2013 International presentation, current status, and additional general background material. The document strives to serve as a reference point to assist SAWE Recommended Practice and Standards developers in negotiating United States Standards Strategy, international standards strategy, and the association of SAWE standards and recommended practices to those efforts. Required procedures for SAWE to develop and maintain Recommended Practices and ANSI/SAWE Standards are reviewed.


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