3620. Inertia Uncertainty Coordinate Transformation


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Adam M. Tahir, J H Nakai: 3620. Inertia Uncertainty Coordinate Transformation. 2014, (Mike Hackney Best Paper Award).



The nominal values and uncertainties of inertia tensor elements (moments and products of inertia) are dependent on the coordinate frame in which they are described. In many mass properties applications, there is a need to perform coordinate transformations in order to describe moments and products of inertia and their uncertainties in different coordinate frames. Coordinate transformation methods and algorithms for nominal moments and products of inertia are well known, but to date there are no agreed-upon procedures and algorithms to perform coordinate transformations on inertia uncertainties. This paper proposes a method to consistently express inertia uncertainties in different coordinate frames. This method addresses the problem as a linear optimization problem. The method’s accuracy is being tested using a probabilistic model. Early results look promising.


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