3672. Weight’s Importance in Machine Design


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Jacob Hundl: 3672. Weight’s Importance in Machine Design. 2016.



This report will describe the prototyping, design, fabrication and testing of a device that was designed to propel golf and ping-pong balls a distance of at least three feet into separate containers. After a five second delay, the device was required to deposit the first ball into its container. At least five of each type of ball had to be deposited within twenty seconds of the release time. The device had to begin operation with a release or a flick of a switch. The device also had to cost less than $100 dollars and weigh less than ten pounds at testing. Finally, the device was required to be constructed out of raw materials. Any type of pre-fab system in the device would lead to the device’s elimination. The device was graded more favorably if it was powered by gravity as opposed to electricity or a spring force. The simplicity of our device’s design and its reliance on gravity as the driving force for the motion of the balls led us to believe that our design was very reliable. However, the observed difference in final and initial testing produced unexpected results.


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