3773. SAWE’s New Technical Paper “Groups”


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Andreas Schuster: 3773. SAWE’s New Technical Paper “Groups”. 2023.



Over the last 80 years, all SAWE technical papers are indexed by a Category system to make searches easier. The current index has evolved to meet the needs of the authors and researchers. However, some of the categories have become outdated as technology has changed, like categories are not grouped together, and there is no definition of what goes into a specific category. The SAWE Technical Committee under the leadership of the VP-Technical Director completed a project to modernize the quick search capability of Category indexing and to define the content of each category. This paper presents the “Group” indexing listing, considerations of alternative group and categories and the implementation steps that are required over the next few years. The title Group is used to differentiate it from the legacy Category index and to mitigate the use of “new Category”, since in 20 years it will be old too.


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