SAWE RP-100, 2009: Vendor Weight Control for the Aircraft Industry


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This Recommended Practice is sponsored by the Society of Allied Weight Engineers Government – Industry Workshop. Its purpose is to supplement Recommended Practice 7 (Reference 2) which provides the requirements for mass properties management and control of military aircraft, Recommended Practice 6 (Reference 1) which defines standard coordinate systems for reporting the mass properties information, and Recommended Practice 8 (Reference 3) which describes the reporting of weight and balance data for aircraft (including rotorcraft).

This recommended practice focuses on the role that contractors (including subcontractors and vendors) play in establishing uniform procedures for the determination, control, and documentation of mass properties of aircraft structure, subsystems and components. As a Recommended Practice, this document is advisory in nature and is meant to be used as a template that contains terminology, processes, and procedures that are generally accepted in the industry in addition to reflecting sound mass properties engineering practices in the reporting and control of contracted work packages of aircraft components. This recommended practice is, therefore, applicable for mass properties reporting and control of all aircraft development and acquisition.

SAWE is providing public release of this document, SAWE Recommended Practice A-1 at this time. SAWE RP A-1 is at a “public review” release level. The document is thought to be fully complete, has been reviewed internally and is now available for general audience use and comment. This review process supports American National Standards Institute initiative to create voluntary consensus open standards.

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