SAWE RP-11, 2000: Mass Properties Control for Space Vehicles


Note: These documents have been superseded or are no longer active. There may be newer versions of these documents available. Visit SAWE Standards and Practices for current versions of these documents.

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  1. This recommended practice is provided by the SAWE to provide guidelines for monitoring, controlling, and reporting mass properties of spacecraft, launch vehicles, and exo-atmospheric missiles.
  2. ThisrecommendedpracticeisbasedonReference1,andincorporatestheupdates that were proposed for Revision A of that document.
  3. Beneficialcomments(recommendations,additions,anddeletions)andanypertinent data that may be of use in improving this document should be submitted to the above address. 

This recommended practice establishes uniform procedures for the control, determination, and documentation of mass properties of space vehicles and their subsystems and components. This document is derived from Reference 1 to serve as a continuing, maintained, industry recommended practice. As such, it contains some sections that are applicable primarily to United States Government space vehicle development and acquisition programs. Other sections are more general in nature, describing terminology, processes, and procedures that are generally accepted in the industry, and reflect sound mass properties engineering practices in the development and production of space vehicles. This recommended practice is, therefore, applicable for mass properties control of all space vehicle development and acquisition, government and private. 


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