SAWE RP A-7, 2023: Management and Control for Military Aircraft


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This document provides the means for establishing a system of mass properties management and control during the acquisition phases (pre-concept, concept exploration, demonstration/validation, engineering & manufacturing development, production & deployment, operation & support, major modification) of heavier-than-air aircraft programs. It contains a set of recommended practices from which selection may be made or tailored to satisfy the discrete requirements of each program.

The contractor shall develop achievable mass properties objectives and assist the customer (government) in specifying Performance Specification mass properties requirements. During the initial development of, or any subsequent change to, mass properties objectives, the contractor shall give particular attention to substantiating data, mass properties dependent design information and the mass properties uncertainties and consequences. Throughout the contract life cycle, the contractor shall maintain cognizance of the vehicle mass properties limits whether established by contract, system performance or by subsystem design. The compatibility of total system mass properties requirements with configuration requirements shall be assessed to assure that program objectives can be met.


This document is also applicable to Uninhabited Air Vehicles (UAVs) which are re-usable and/or re-configurable in the field. For UAVs that are not re-usable and not re-configurable in the field, see Recommended Practice No. 9, Weight and Balance Control System for Guided Missiles.

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