SAWE RP O-3, 2021: Generic Weighing Procedure for Assemblies and Modules in the Offshore Oil Industry


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This document describes the Weighing Procedure to be used to weigh completed Assemblies or Modules for the fabrication of the Topsides portion of an Offshore Oil facility. Presented in this procedure are methods to be employed for the preparation and reporting of the weighing of an Assembly or Module. All timeframes noted in this document should be considered as minimums. Project requirements shall dictate actual timeframes to be used. Responsibilities noted in this document should be modified to align with specific project requirements.



Weight Control of offshore installations is critical to ensure that any Assembly, Module or Topsides may be installed using the proposed method, with minimum hook-up, and that the overall design caters for the most severe operating criteria identified.

This Recommended Practice establishes the requirements for weighing Assemblies, Modules or a complete Topsides facility. It presents methods for preparation before a weighing and reporting results after a weighing has been completed and establishes methods employed to determine the center of gravity from a weighing process. It is to be used by the project Weight Control Lead.



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