SAWE STD M-4, 2021: Supplier Weight Control for the Marine Industry


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This document is sponsored by the Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) Marine Systems Industry Committee. Its purpose is to supplement SAWE Recommended Practice M-1, Reference 1, which provides the requirements for weight control; SAWE Recommended Practice M-2, Reference 2, which defines a standard coordinate system for reporting mass properties information; and SAWE Recommended Practice 14, Reference 3, which describes best practices and industry conventions for estimating and determining mass properties for ships.  
This document focuses on the role that third party suppliers play in the marine industry practices which best satisfy the requirements for a comprehensive weight control program. As an RP, this document is advisory in nature; however, it may be invoked as specified in a contractual agreement such as a design and construction contract or a purchase order. It is intended to be applicable both to the suppliers of Builder-furnished equipment and Owner- or Government-furnished equipment for the marine industry.
The primary focus of this document is on the acquisition stage of a ship’s life rather than its inservice stage although many of the elements presented may be applied throughout the life of the vessel.
This document shall be maintained as a stabilized document; this status shall be subject to review on a ten-year cycle from the approval or last revision of the document.
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