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The SAWE provides opportunities to connect with engineers and industry professionals from large and small companies from around the world. SAWE conferences and technical publications support a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense, government, marine, automotive, airline and other related industries.

For additional information or inquires, please contact SAWE Vendor Relations.

Corporate Partnership Program

Tier Corporate Partner Gold
Corporate Partner Silver
Company Member Level 2
Company Member Level 1
  Diamond Emerald Ruby Pearl Exhibitor Break
Cost $15,000/yr $6,000/yr $1,500/yr $1,000/yr   $10,000 $5,000 $2,500 $1,600 $2,500 $550
Logos & Signage
Logo on  Website Header Image            X          
Logo on sponsor signage / rotating powerpoint           X X X X  
Logo in Conference Announcement PDF           X X X X    
Ad in Conference Announcement PDF Full page 1/2 page                  
Logo on SAWE Conference Website + Registration site X X       X X X X X X
Logo on all Conference Presentations            X X        
Technical Session - Company Presentation X X X X   X X X   x  
Conference Website and App
Splash page on conference app launch           X          
Virtual Sponsor Page           X X X X    
Virtual Exhibitor Page X X               X  
Virtual Break Sponsor Page                     X
Push Notification from Conference App                     1/break sponsored
Exhibitor Hall
Exhibition Space X X       X       X  
Booth Location on Exhibitor Hall Map           X       X  
Break Sponsorship Sign                     X
Registration 6 packages X                    
Registration 4 packages           X          
Registration 3 packages             X        
Registration 2 packages   X           X      
Registration 1 packages                 X    
Training Class  1-day 1 Registration X                    
Conference Proceedings
Receipt of the Annual Conference proceedings (technical papers, presentations and exhibitor information) as a download from SAWE website for the Company Library.  X X X X   X X X X X  
List of Conference Attendees and Emails X X       X X X X X  

Additional Corporate Partner, Company Member Benefits

Tier Company Member Level 1
Company Member Level 2
Corporate Partner Silver
Corporate Partner Gold
SAWE "Weight Engineering" Journal
Complimentary copy of the SAWE "Weight Engineering" Journal for their Company Library X X X X
Either a complimentary half page color ad in one edition of the "Weight Engineering" Journal or one 3 month ad on the SAWE website     X  
Complimentary full-page color ad in each edition of the "Weight Engineering" Journal as well as on the SAWE website for that year       X
Technical, Standards & Practices
Open access to the technical library of over 3000 papers presented at past conferences.  100 paper downloads free 200 paper downloads free X X
Open access to all current SAWE Standards and Practices for Mass Properties Control.  X X X X
No. member(s) on the Standards and Practices Committee for development of Recommended Practices and Standards      1 2
Listing on the SAWE website at www.sawe.org at the appropriate level of support  X X X X
Ten percent (10%) discount on annual advertising rates in the “Weight Engineering” Journal and/or on the SAWE website.  X X X X
Complimentary Job Postings for Open Mass Properties Engineering Positions on SAWE Website       X
Board of Directors
One (1) seat on the Board of Directors (BoD).       X X X
with discussion privileges   X X X
with voting privileges     X X
SAWE Membership and Training
Complimentary SAWE Individual Memberships       1 3 5
Eligibility for On-Site Group Training Courses at a reduced rate  5% 5% 10% 15%


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