Public Review

The SAWE provides this public forum for review and comment on draft documents, as well as to keep public advised of SAWE’s activities. This includes project proposals, committee drafts, public drafts of recommended practices, standards, handbooks, textbooks, guidelines, etc. that are under development. The documents listed below are available as read-only PDF files to be used strictly for the purpose of review and comment. These documents are still in the development process and are subject to change at any time without notice as a result of comments received. Please use the following form to provide comments. If you have any problems using the form please contact us. These documents will be available for download through the SAWE website upon their publication. For more information, contact the SAWE Standards and Practices Committee.

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Document Name (Click to Download)StatusReview Ends
RP A-10 Project Proposal, 2020-07Project Proposal
CA-01, 2020-17 – SAWE MPE Certification Outline of RequirementsWorking Draft
CA-02, 2020-02 – SAWE MPE Certification Narratives and Expected CompetenciesWorking Draft

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