Certification Application

General Information

Application and exam are offered as online processes.

The whole process consists of:  

  1. Become a member of SAWE if you are not one already.
  2. Application
    1. Print the application template below and fill it.
    2. Get written confirmation from your reference(s).
    3. Scan the application and your degree and sent it to cmpe@sawe.org.
    4. When your application has been reviewed and confirmed pay the application fee of $150 in the shop.
    5. Download the basic reference documents from SAWE store using your member allowance.
  3. Prepare for the exam.
  4. Download the Reference Documents, read and develop a working understanding of basic references (the Aircraft, Marine, and a few chapters of the Moment of Inertia/Product of Inertia Textbooks, a few SAWE technical papers, and a few chapters of the Handbook).
  5. Watch a set of online orientation videos when available.
  6. You may find a mentor helpful to prepare yourself. Contact cmpe@sawe.org for support to find a mentor. 
  7. Register online to take the exam during one of our scheduled sessions and pay the exam fee of $150 in the shop.
  8. Take the exam online.
  9. You will be advised by email whether you pass.  You can retake the exam for an additional fee.
  10. Recertify before the 5 year anniversary
  11. Remark: Exams may be taken with delayed payments. In such cases the certificate will be presented only after the full payment has been received. The validity of the certificate will begin with the date of the exam. Please contact cmpe@sawe.org beforehand.

For questions on Certification contact CMPE@sawe.org.


Details on the application process can be found in the linked document:

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