Certification Organisation

Participating in the CMPE program is a chance to gain a lot of knowledge on Mass Properties and its link to other disciplines, to pass your knowledge to others as well as work with and meet enthusiastic people.

The Certification Authority is represented by:

Director: Dirk Petersen

Deputy Exams: open position

Deputy Candidate Support: Anjie Emmet

Deputy Certification Maintenance: Andy Schuster

Deputy Data Management: Michael Rodriguez

The Certification Authority is supported by the Certification Technical Team and the Q&A Generation Team and controlled by the Certification Authority Board of Advisors,

More information on the organistation of the CMPE program can be found in this presentation.

The Cerification Technical Team meets every first Wednesday of the month at 11:00 ET/EDT.

The Cerification Q&A Generation Team meets every third Wednesday of the month at 11:00 ET/EDT.

The Certification Authority Board of Advisors (CABA) meets every second Wednesday of the third month in each quarter at 11:00 ET/EDT.

For questions or comments on Certification

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