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October 30, 2023


3 Mentees

12 Mentors

3 actual mentorships

May 24, 2023

Official Launch

The Mentoring Program will go public with a presentation during the International Conference in Cocoa Beach. Do not miss it.

February 14, 2023

Online Application for Mentors open

Apply as mentor, it is rewarding. The online application is available here.

January 7, 2023

Mentorship Solicitation

Prospective mentors,

In December the SAWE announced that a new benefit would be coming.  That benefit is the SAWE Mentoring Program.  In the announcement we wrote that the SAWE would be soliciting Mentors.  This email is a heads-up that you have been one of the SAWE members we are seeking to voluntarily become part of our Mentor cadre.  Below you will find a document that indicates the information we will need from you to aid the Mentoring Committee in matching Mentors and Mentees.  Please read this document, and start documenting your information and have it ready by early February.  At that time, we will open a portal (link to be provided) whereby you can use the information you have saved to fill in a form on the portal (copy and paste from your saved information to make it easy).

Here is the Word document, that includes the questions that will appear on the web form next month.  Some example answers are included – these are delineated by the word Example in bold and sample responses in italics.  Please use your own information and words when answering the questionnaire.

December 20, 2022

Mentoring Program Announcement

Major New SAWE Member Benefit Coming

Let’s say you are a mass properties engineer faced with solving a problem you have not seen before.  Chances are that this has been something that someone else has already seen.  Wouldn’t it be splendid if you could consult with a person with experience, who could support you in finding a solution to your problem?

Or let’s turn this around.  An engineer has a problem.  You’ve seen and handled this problem in the past.  You could help the other engineer – IF you were aware that they could use your help.

How do these two hypothetical engineers discover each other – the one with the problem and the one with solutions?  It is highly unlikely that pure chance will put the two together.  In fact, they might not know each other.

Enter The SAWE Mentoring Program.  This program, currently under development, will act to engage Mentors (those with knowledge) with Mentees (those who desire to obtain knowledge).  For this to work, the SAWE will be soliciting Mentors who are willing and able to aid in transferring knowledge to Mentees, via a Mentor/Mentee matching process that will bring those seeking solutions in contact with those who know solutions.  We will open a portal for mentees to describe their problem and solicit help.  The SAWE will then endeavor to match suitable Mentor/Mentee pairs.

The SAWE has set a goal of rolling the program out and be up and running by the opening of the Cocoa Beach Conference in May 2023.

More information will be forthcoming as the program development matures.

December 2022

Mentoring Program Charter/White Paper

This document has been written to guide the development of the SAWE Mentoring Program. It will be updated whenever required. Find linked the latest version.

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