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September 2021

SAWE Certification of Mass Properties Engineers is Ready for Applicants.

By Andy Schuster and Dirk Petersen

Don’t miss your opportunity to become a Certified Mass Properties Engineer!

Through our new SAWE certification program you can demonstrate your competency in the field of mass properties which will benefit your career and your customers.  As an employer you can rely on a certified level of competence for your employees which will improve your bottom line and safeguard you against the unexpected loss of required skills.  As a customer you can be assured that the deliverables you receive were created by a skilled supplier.

If you are an Engineer with 2 years of applicable Mass Properties related experience and have completed a BS/BE STEM degree, or if you have 5 years related experience in lieu of a degree, you can apply to take the Associate Mass Properties Engineer (AMPE) exam.  The exam will certify your general, cross-industry knowledge and competency in skills like validation and verification, measurement, customer and contract requirements, basic MPE knowledge, Systems Engineering, mass properties control plans, analysis and reporting.  Upon passing the test you will receive your AMPE certificate.

The AMPE exam is our starting level of certification. Future exams will allow applicants to progress to the Professional MPE (PMPE) level, and ultimately the Expert MPE (EMPE) level, each requiring 5 and 10 years of experience respectively and demonstrated contributions to the mass properties profession.  The AMPE level is a generalist level of knowledge and competency, while the PMPE and EMPE levels will represent industry specific knowledge and competency at increasing levels of complexity and challenge.

The process to become an AMPE is quite simple:

  • Become a member of SAWE if you are not one already.
  • Fill in the online application, pay the application fee of $150, and await acceptance that you satisfy the prerequisites to take the exam.
  • Download the basic reference documents from SAWE store using your member allowance.
  • Prepare for the exam.
    • Read and develop a working understanding of some basic references (the Aircraft, Marine, and a few chapters of the Moment of Inertia/Product of Inertia Textbooks, a few SAWE technical papers, and a few chapters of the Handbook).
    • Watch a set of online orientation videos.
  • Register online to take the exam during one of our scheduled sessions and pay the registration fee of $150.
  • Take the exam online.

Cost: $150 application fee + $150 exam fee

A 2017-18 industry poll identified that our mass properties profession will experience a large turnover in the next 5-7 years which could lead to a critical loss of knowledge and lessons learned.  The SAWE Certification of Mass Properties Engineers (CMPE) program was created to assure that knowledge is transferred from senior mass properties engineers (MPEs) to the next generation of engineers and future leaders in our profession.  The program provides a verifiable and sustainable benchmark for Mass Properties Engineers. 

More information and the application form will be available soon on the SAWE Website at: or contact

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