SAWE Certification

Through our SAWE certification program you can demonstrate your competency in the field of mass properties which will benefit yourself and your customers. 

Discover the Unique Selling Points of Certification:

For Employees:

  • Beneficial to your career
  • Ability to show that you have reached a defined level knowledge and capability
  • Differentiator to non-certified colleagues, peer recognition
  • External recognition
  • Confidence in capability
  • Knowledge of whole competence (bigger picture)
  • Exposure to subject outside your present experience

For Employers:

  • Employees, engineering resource providers and job candidates possess a benchmarked level of knowledge
  • Brings new knowledge into the company
  • Speeds training and mentoring, common level of basic knowledge
  • Fosters understanding with supplier and customers
  • Increases quality and safety, reduces risk
  • Supports confidence in your analysis at review boards with customers

For Customers:

  • Benchmarked capability of suppliers, less waste, better performance, increased quality and safety
  • Fosters understanding with supplier, less waste
  • Simplifies supplier selection process
  • Raises the bar

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