SAWE Certification

The SAWE has developed and is offering a unique and valuable Mass Properties Certification program. Reasonably priced and available On-Line it enables you to demonstrate your competency in the field of mass properties, which will benefit yourself and your customers. More information can be found by assessing the links below.


Certification Application

Apply for certification.

Advantages of Certification

  • beneficial to your career/contract
  • shows that you/your company/your supplier has reached a defined level knowledge and capability resulting in less waste, better performance, increased quality and safety
  • differentiates you from non-certified colleagues/companies/suppliers
  • provides peer and external recognition
  • gives confidence in your capability
  • provides knowledge of whole competence (bigger picture)
  • exposes you to subjects outside your present experience
  • fosters understanding with supplier and customer
  • simplifies supplier selection process
  • raises the bar

Certification Exam

Prepare for your exam on your own schedule. When ready, pay the exam fee and you will be examined at the next opportunity.
Next AMPE-level exams are scheduled on:
  • • 2/17/2024 AMPE / online
  • • 5/4/2024 AMPE / online
  • • 8/10/2024 AMPE / online
  • • 11/16/2024 AMPE / online
  • or whenever sufficient demand is available. Contact
  • all exams are online only.

More Information

Detailed information on the Certification Program can be found by assessing the links below.

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