Structural Weight Optimization for Mass Properties Engineers

Instructor: Raj Bishnoi, SAWE Member

This 8 hour class consists of two 4 hour sessions on consecutive days.

Students are required to schedule a 30 minute set up session with the instructor prior to the

class. This session is to install INSPIRE Weight Optimization software on the student’s computer. This course will enable Mass Properties Engineers to identify and realize weight reduction opportunities through application of finite element analysis based structural optimization. The course will cover the topics key to successful application of structural optimization which include

  1. Fundamentals of finite element analysis
  2. Fundamentals of structural optimization
  3. Identification of optimization opportunities
  4. Formulation of structural optimization problem
  5. Design interpretation
  6. Design validation
  7. Practical engineering aspects of structural optimization.

Classroom instructions on these topics will be consolidated using hands-on exercises.

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