Training Course Offerings

The SAWE has developed and is offering unique and valuable Mass Properties training classes. Reasonably priced and available On-Line, at scheduled conferences or on-site at your location. Instructors share many valuable years of “Front Line” experience in a wide variety of fields including Aeropsace, Ship Building, Space and Land Vehicles and Allied Industries.

There are multiple options for training ranging from in-person either at your site or at an annual SAWE conference, live virtual events or pre-recorded courses available for purchase.

Refer to the table on this page for course titles and availability. Click on each title for more details.

For questions or more information, contact the SAWE VP – Training.

Course TitleIndustryLength (Hours)ConferenceVirtualOn-SiteRecorded
Aircraft Fuel Systems CalibrationAviation (General)4YesYesNoNo
AWBS - Automated Weight & Balance SystemAviation (Military)102024 In-Person Training / Marriott DFW Airport SouthNoYesNo
Developing Basic Parametric MethodsAviation (General)82024 Virtual TrainingYesNoNo
Structural Weight Optimization for Mass Properties EngineersGeneral Mass Properties82024 Virtual TrainingYesNoNo
Vendor Weight ControlGeneral Mass Properties82024 Virtual TrainingYesNoNo
Aircraft Weight & BalanceAviation (Military)182024 In-Person Training / Marriott DFW Airport SouthNoYesNo
Designing the Aircraft of the FutureAviation (General)162024 Virtual TrainingYesNoNo
Marine Vehicle Weight Estimating MethodologyMarine82024 Virtual TrainingYesNoNo
Advanced Mass Properties MeasurementGeneral Mass Properties8YesNoNoNo
Aircraft Weight Estimating and Use of RP8 for Weight AllocationAviation (Military)4YesYesNoYes
Principles of Mass Properties Management & Control for Military Aircraft - SAWE RP 7Aviation (Military)4YesYesNoYes
Automotive Lateral Dynamics and Mass PropertiesAutomotive8YesNoNoNo
Introduction to Marine Weight Engineering for Non-Naval ArchitectsMarine4YesNoNoNo
Introduction to Naval ArchitectureMarine4YesNoNoNo
Measuring Mass PropertiesGeneral Mass Properties8YesNoNoNo
Principles of Weight Management and Weight Estimating Methods for the Offshore Oil IndustryOffshore8YesNoNoNo
Ship Inclining ExperimentMarine8YesNoNoNo

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