Certification Upcoming Events


•2/18/2023 11:00ET AMPE Exam/ online

•5/21/2023 11:00EDT AMPE Exam / online (during International Conference)

•8/19/2023 11:00EDT AMPE Exam/ online

•11/18/2023 11:00ET AMPE Exam/ online

Additional exam can be scheduled if sufficient demand is available.


Interested in supporting the Certification effort? Enjoy the fun to work in an international team.

Contact dirk.petersen@sawe.org.

Virtual meetings start at 11:00 ET/EDT and last one hour.

  • Certification Technical Team: every first Wednesday of a month.
  • Certification Question and Answers Generation team: every third Wednesday of a month.


The Certification Authority Board of Advisors (CABA) meets every second Wednesday of the third month in each quarter at 11:00 ET/EDT.






For questions on Certification contact CMPE@sawe.org.

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