The Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) goals are to promote mass properties engineering as a specialized discipline and to provide a means for those interested in mass properties engineering to work together to further their professional goals. Since its inception in 1939, the SAWE has grown to include 22 chapters located in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Central Europe, India, and the United Kingdom and has members from over 22 countries. The Society promotes technical interchange between its members through international and regional conferences, the Weight Engineering Journal, specialized training, technical papers and a growing number of professional publications.


Volume 76 - Winter 2017 - No. 2

2017 Winter Journal



Weight's Importance in Machine Design by Jacob A. Hundl
Reducing Variation During Actual Weighing by Keith Rebhorn
Light Ship or Load? Uncertainty in Shipboard Weight Surveys by Nicholas E. Marickovich, David S. Cash, and Alan N. Titcomb
A Recommended Weight Margin Approach for Wet Undersea Vehicles by William Boze
In Memorium – Roger Preston Bullock
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We are running very short of cover photographs for the cover of Weight Engineering, the Journal of the SAWE.

We have used aircraft photos on the last three issues and need to have some variety, i.e., ships, rockets, satellites, ground vehicles, etc.

Each photo should be accompanied by a short (one paragraph) write-up to go on the Table of Contents page. If you wish, a longer article on the subject of the photograph can be sent to be used in the Journal.

We will consider all contributions. Thanks for your help.


Robert W. Ridenour
International Vice President/Publications