Call for Papers

Call for Papers


Share Your Work

SAWE encourages members and non-members to share their knowledge with others in our Mass Properties community. We are actively soliciting technical papers and presentations for our next international conference in the areas of:

  • Integrated Product Design
  • Mass Properties Life Cycle Management
  • Advanced Design
  • Design of Marine Systems
  • Design of Ground Systems
  • Design of Offshore Systems
  • Flight Technology - Manned
  • Flight Technology - Unmanned
  • Missile and Space Systems
  • System Verification
  • Mass Properties Software
  • Other Related Topics

Author Instructions

The process begins with submittal of your abstract to the SAWE Technical Committee. Abstracts should include the paper title, author's name, position and company affiliation.  They should be 250-350 words in length and should contain a statement of the problem or objective, the method of approach, and summary of conclusions.  The abstract should not deal with specific data. Once your abstract is accepted, you will be contacted with your paper number.

Next, download the appropriate instructions (professional or student) which describe the timeline, the correct format of the paper, helpful suggestions for writing technical papers, copyright assignment forms, and other information to assist in preparing for the conference and your presentation. A sample paper and a sample of the presentation format are also available for download.

Once your paper is complete, be sure to submit it to the Technical Committee prior to the deadline to ensure it is considered for the Mike Hackney Best Paper Award.  Papers submitted after the deadline will still be accepted but will not be eligible for award consideration.