2017 – 76th SAWE International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering – Conference Proceedings


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Technical Papers:

  • 3673. A Recommended Weight Margin Approach for Wet Undersea Vehicles
  • 3674. A Weight Analysis of Civil War Ironclad CSS Virginia
  • 3675. Weight Management During Engineering Development – 2016 Sawe Survey Results
  • 3676. Weight Control: Idealistic vs. Realistic
  • 3677. Considerations for Reviewing Ship and Submarine Weight Reports
  • 3678. Submarine Static Stability
  • 3679. Design and Optimization of an Aluminum Structure Assembled by Elastic Fastening
  • 3680. Designing Mass-Optimized Parts Using Solidthinking Inspire with Application to the Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System
  • 3681. Simultaneous Use of Multiple Load Measuring Devices for Weighings in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry
  • 3682. Allowane Versus Contingency in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry
  • 3685. Design of an internal aerodynamic load cell for static for oscillating airfoils
  • 3685. Design of an internal aerodynamic load cell for static for oscillating airfoils
  • 3686. Statistical Mass Properties Predictions for a Production Program
  • 3687. An Updated Initial Parametric Weight Equation Compendium
  • 3688. Uncertainty Analysis Applied to Two Historic Inclining Experiments
  • 3690. Weight Optimization of Environmental Control System of Corporate Jets
  • 3691. Methods to Evaluate the Mass Properties of a Scale Model Aircraft
  • 3692. Aircraft Systems Physics-Based Weight Estimation Methods for Conceptual Design
  • 3693. A Random Method for Picking Module Stowage Solutions for Barges


  • 3683. Capability Assessment of a MPE Organization
  • 3684. Appurtenance Buoyancy
  • Technical Forum: Collaborative and Model Based Aspects of Engineering

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