2021 – SAWE Tech Fair – Conference Proceedings


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  • 3762. Artificial Intelligence Techniques for ¬†Ship Weight Estimation and Calculation –¬†Malla, Upendra¬†
  • 3765. Mass Properties and Automotive Directional Stability –¬†Wiegand, Brian Paul
  • 3768. Mass Properties Reporting –¬†Ma,Yiyuan; Yan, Jin; Elham, Ali¬†
  • 3771. A Look at Inclining Experiment Heel Angles: Measurement Tools and Sensitivity –¬†Tellet, David¬†
  • 3772. Scenario-based Prediction of Lightweight Costs – an Approach across Industries –¬†W√§tzold, Florian
  • 3774. Weight Control For Floating Wind Installation –¬†Crowle, A.P.; Thies, P.R.

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