16. Weight Saving by Cleaning Aircraft


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R E Sargent: 16. Weight Saving by Cleaning Aircraft. 1941.



Tonight’s talk on Weight Saving by Cleaning Aircraft prompts only one question in my mind. Why should aircraft be cleaned? The answers are too numerous and for that reason we shall restrict them purely to their relationship to weight. To an outsider the commercial airlines are more weight conscious as they have determined the approximate value of their payload pound or its potential earning power for a period of a year to be $55 per ship.
They further estimate the average gross weight of a D. C. 3 is 24,000 pounds.
Empty 16,000 pounds
Useful Weight 8,000 pounds
Payload Weight 4,000 pounds
To better appreciate the value of their $55 pounds, subtract 50 pounds from their payload and then multiply it by 55; and you will readily see how fast $2,750.00 can be lost in revenue.


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