21. Engineering Progress and Cost Control


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E E Roberts: 21. Engineering Progress and Cost Control. 1942.



An efficient cost control program is vital to the financial existence of the aircraft manufacturer. This, it is believed, is a business maxim the principles of which are a major factor in guaranteeing the consistency of expected profits. In the design and fabrication of aircraft there has been introduced in comparatively recent years a much emphasized and constantly increasing program that of weight control. Analysis shows to a surprising degree the intimate relationship that exists between the respective functions of cost and weight control. Aided by whatever means are at hand, cost control first estimates the total cost of the airplane to be built, breaks this figure down into its component parts, and then sets up a recording system to regulate the expenditure so that the desired results may be obtained. Just so does the weight control engineer first estimate the gross weight of the model to be designed, then budget this figure according to the group breakdown of the particular airplane, and finally draft and execute a procedure for controlling the final weight so that the performance guarantees may be met. Cost control is concerned with dollars; weight control, pounds.


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