61. Aircraft Weight Records and Weight Control Procedures


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S C Olson: 61. Aircraft Weight Records and Weight Control Procedures. 1951.



The influence of increased aircraft weight on payload has long been a familiar subject to air transport operator. A diminishing payload has all too often become an accomplished fact by the time any actual consideration has been given to the problem. While the general effect of a major change can readily be evaluated, it is the month to month accumulative effect of all changes that becomes the criterion of adequate weight control. In order to prepare realistic estimates of the effect of any future changes, it is first necessary to possess accurate data with regard to the existing conditions. These conditions are primarily reflected on the individual aircraft weight ledgers.
From the time of delivery and through 1950, a total of 1984 pounds and 1348 pounds was added to our Douglas DC-6 and Convair 240 aircraft respectively. These weight increases represent between 14 and 5 of the original empty weights on these aircraft, and were achieved by accomplishing a total of 1372 and 1065 individual changes on the Douglas DC-6 and Convair 240 aircraft respectively. The necessity for maintaining an accurate weight ledger inventory is apparent. However, the accuracy of the individual aircraft weight ledger is dependent upon the procedure for reporting and recording all of the weight changes.


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