72. Practical Application of Rand Wing Weight Estimation


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A C Robinson: 72. Practical Application of Rand Wing Weight Estimation. 1952.



The problem of airplane wing weight prediction has probably received more than its share of attention relative to the other components. This is somewhat justified however, by the fact that very often extensive wing weight studies are required, during the preliminary design phase, for selection of the optimum wing configuration. It is often necessary to determine the weight of several wing configurations for an airplane in which all the other component weights are practically invariant. These wing weight studies involve establishing the relationship of wing weight to the affecting parameters, such as aspect ratio, wing area, etc. It is desirous, therefore, to set up a wing determination method in which sufficiently accurate relationships to the various parameters can be established directly after having determined one configuration by the trial and error normally required. The method should also make possible a maximum usage of pertinent data from existing airplanes. This is particularly important for ‘rough and dirty’ estimates which are often required at a moment’s notice. The less that is known about the detail design of the wing in question, the greater the necessity for reliance on data of existing similar types.


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