115. Center of Gravity Control Through Automatic Fuel Sequencing


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M F Viafora: 115. Center of Gravity Control Through Automatic Fuel Sequencing. In: 14th National Conference, Hilton Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas, May 2-5, pp. 16, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, 1955.



Center of gravity or balance control consists of the following: (a) A full understanding of the airplane C.G. limits, (b) the maintenance of accurate and up to date records of the C.G. for all critical loading conditions, (c) the anticipation of unfavorable balance trends, and, (d) the coordination of recommended solutions for maintaining the airplane C.G. within the specified limits. Present day transonic and supersonic jet fighters present problems to the weight engineer which were either nonexistent or less predominant in the era of piston engine powered aircraft. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the development and advantages of such a system.


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