151. Experimental Inertia Tests for Missiles


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J B Harris: 151. Experimental Inertia Tests for Missiles. 1957.



The predominance of inertia terms in current missile stability control studies emphasizes the need for precise moment of inertia data. These
data may be determined experimentally, quickly and accurately, utilizing simple apparatus and procedure, by either Pendulum or Spring Restrained Oscillation methods. Both of these method types have been used successfully to measure moments of inertia for full scale aircraft and missiles.
The purpose of this paper is to present a bibliography of reports and papers which describe apparatus and procedures which have been utilized for such tests, to present an introduction to both the standard pendulum and the spring restrained oscillation methods, and to describe an application of the spring restrained oscillation method for experimental measurement of moment of inertia data for a full scale missile. The presentation is planned to set forth the basic principles involved, to explain what considerations led to the selection of the spring restrained oscillation method for actual tests, and to describe the tests as they were conducted by the Weight Methods Group of Temco Aircraft Corporation.


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