162. Suggestions on National Conference Planning


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No Author: 162. Suggestions on National Conference Planning. 1957.



Having just completed the largest SAWE National Conference to date, the Wichita Chapter is relaying suggestions and comments to assist other chapters intending to be hosts to future conferences. Most items reflect satisfactory procedures followed at the past conference; a few items represent the approaches we offer as improvements over what we actually did.
A clear understanding of the division of responsibilities between the National Officers and the Local Arrangements Committee is essential. This paper outlines in detail the Local Committee responsibilities. In addition, it states which operations are normally National Office functions. We realize that some of the points covered will be obvious to many users. However, we have included considerable detail to assist anyone completely unfamiliar with planning an activity of this nature and also to help experienced members who may not recall certain details.
In the Wichita Chapter we were fortunate to have aggressive leadership available in each of the three companies. The teamwork was excellent at all stages. In a different local situation, especially one where a single individual was capable and available to do the planning, a considerably different organization would be desired. The amount of effort expended in planning a technical meeting for a large group from all segments of an industry is seldom anticipated by those who undertake it for the first time. However, the value of a National Conference to local members who otherwise could not attend does justify the effort.


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